Who We Are

The MCA industry has seen steady growth in recent years.
With that growth have come growing painsabout-us-img—increasing challenges involving security, privacy and risk—as well as opportunities to make the industry more professional, efficient and profitable. The leaders of FundersLink set out to address both.
FundersLink is comprised of payment processing and merchant cash advance, software and privacy innovators bringing leading-edge technology and industry expertise to bear on some of the most important issues that MCA ISOs, lenders and merchants face everyday.

The result is a revolutionary, automated—and free—cloud-based platform that protects all parties from risk while streamlining the deal-making process to boost productivity and profitability. FundersLink matches merchant applications to the optimal lender through a seamless, efficient, completely private process that provides actionable information while keeping sensitive identity information private. This protects both merchants and ISOs. The platform also includes an independently managed Fraud Detection System that compiles and tracks merchants to protect lenders against fraudulent parties.

With powerful deal-tracking, communication, and CRM tools, FundersLink’ easily integrated platform also offers the opportunity to transform the way ISOs and lenders do business by unifying the entire process so it can be managed effectively and electronically from one centralized location, online or on mobile, 24-7. It’s the all-inclusive solution that the industry has waited for—one that provides security, transparency, efficiency and convenience.

Driven by innovation and a commitment to good business practices, our goal is to help the MCA industry continue its progress in a secure, professional fashion.