The secure technology platform to help you close deals faster, with less work

Lots of things can eat away at a merchant cash advance ISO’s bottom line—slow turnarounds, endless searching, duplicated paperwork, fragmented information and burdensome management, to name a few. Not to mention lost deals due to loose information. FundersLink changes all that.

Designed by MCA, software and privacy experts, our revolutionary platform transforms the way ISOs do business with powerful deal-tracking, communication, CRM and fraud detection tools that automate and streamline the process of matching merchants with lenders. You’ll close faster, manage your sales force with ease, and eliminate the risk of losing deals—all while reducing your workload. It’s an all-inclusive solution that organizes your entire business in one centralized place, accessible online or by mobile, 24-7.

Best of all, ISOs can trust FundersLink because it isn’t a sales organization itself. It’s simply a secure, cloud-based software platform designed to advance the MCA industry. We private-label our business software for you, so you can present professional, self-branded materials that inspire confidence—on the outside, it’s your business’s name only. The platform is automated and party-neutral—not affiliated with any bank, lender or industry player—so all parties are always treated fairly and all deals assessed objectively, based on the data and criteria provided. And most important of all, it’s free to try?

White-labeled platform protects your business (and your clients)

Protects your (work, customer relationships, business)

In an industry that involves risk, uncertainty and sensitive information, trust is invaluable. FundersLink provides piece of mind and trust for all parties in the merchant cash advance process. Our secure, private platform enables you to white-label all applications, revealing only the actionable information necessary for lenders and merchants to assess a deal until it is finalized. So you can rest assured that you’ll never get cut out of the loop.

FundersLink’ secure platform also helps you build trust with customers. And trusting customers stick around. White-labeled applications protect merchant identity information, so they don’t have to worry about “loose data” in the hands of parties who may or may not keep it secure. In addition, FundersLink does a one-time credit check with secure documents—that’s it. So customers no longer need to worry about being shopped around and amassing dozens of credit checks on their records. Our independently managed Fraud Detection System also provides peace of mind to lenders. As a result, we’re able to bring you the highest paying, least costly, most trusted lenders.

Trust between ISOs, lenders and merchants expedites deals, so you can close faster with less legwork—and earn more.

Spend more time closing deals and making money

Automated, simple, efficient platform eliminates unnecessary work and headaches

One of the biggest challenges that ISOs face is how fragmented and time-consuming the merchant cash advance business can be. FundersLink resolves these problems by unifying the entire process under one convenient, automated platform that eliminates obstacles to productivity and growth.

Our sophisticated software aggregates a network of top-quality, trusted lenders, assesses their criteria, and finds the best funding match for each application—automatically and seamlessly. So for ISOs, the days of duplicating work by sending applications to multiple lenders are over. You get a line on the most promising one right from the start. Our process also speeds up turnaround from lenders, because they’re only seeing viable, pre-scrubbed deals, which saves them time and effort. Efficient, accurate matching translates into faster, easier closing.

You can also say goodbye to endless searching, unnecessary paperwork, fragmented information and tedious administrative duties. FundersLink’ communication and deal-tracking software provides ISOs with a sophisticated CRM system that organizes customer accounts, renewals, agents and commissions. You’ll be on top of every deal, whatever stage it’s in. You can create applications, take advantage of automated documents, contracts and electronic signatures, set up reminders, and upload file and notes so your whole business runs more smoothly. And it’s all at your fingertips, 24-7, wherever you are.

Earn more by attracting and retaining customers

Build customer loyalty and earn more

For merchants, getting an advance isn’t just challenging, it’s also risky. Multiple credit checks, loose data—they don’t know who, or how many people are accessing their data, or how secure it is. These worries can erode even the best relationship. What customers want most is service they can trust. Once they have it, they’ll come back, over and over. Here’s how FundersLink helps you build customer loyalty:

  1. Our white-labeled applications protect merchant information by keeping it anonymous until a deal is finalized. And our one-time credit check process assures them that they aren’t being shopped around and piling up credit checks.
  2. Fast Turnaround. For many businesses, short-term cash flow can be unstable. When it tightens, they need money fast. Our automated process expedites cash advances by matching applications with the best deal available—without wasted searching, scrubbing, underwriting or paperwork. Customers get better pricing, more money and peace of mind quickly.
  3. FundersLink’ deal-tracking software, simplified applications and automated documents reduce headaches and duplicated effort and keep the process moving efficiently.
  4. Our sophisticated CRM system organizes customer information, so you can deliver faster, better service.

Security, trust, satisfaction. When clients feel it, so do you—because they stick around. Let FundersLink help you transform the way you do business and watch your customer base grow.

The industry’s best lenders—right at your fingertips.

The key to closing deals is finding a good match between merchant and lender. The closer the fit the more likely you’ll close. A large, high-quality lender network makes this more likely.

FundersLink attracts high-quality lenders because its innovative platform eliminates time and effort on their end. And just like you, they’d rather have their money earning rather than sitting. Here’s why lenders work with us:

  • Security and peace of mind. Our independently managed Fraud Detection System compiles and tracks merchants to protect lenders against fraudulent parties that pose as merchants or have a record of defaults.
  • Well-matched deals. Lenders only see deals that fit their criteria, so no they’re not sorting through piles of unsuitable ones to get to the few that are viable.
  • Less scrubbing. Because we match them only with deals that fit their criteria, they no longer have to go through onerous scrubbing over and over, on deals that don’t materialize.
  • Increased efficiency and productivity. Our automated communication and deal-tracking software cuts down on unnecessary paperwork, tedious duplication of work, and management burdens with automated documents, electronic signatures, and file and note uploading.
  • Cost savings. Lenders no longer have to pay for numerous credit checks.

For ISOs, this means that regardless of your customers’ circumstances, we’re likely likely to find the highest paying, lowest cost deal quickly. Customers not only get their money faster, they also know that they’re dealing with trusted lenders. And you’ll make it all happen—automatically.

Easy to join, easy to integrate, easy to transform your business

A simple online application gets it all started. You’ll soon be assigned a hands-on FundersLink representative who will guide you through the easy start-up process and answer any questions. With around the clock support, we’re always here to walk you through the process of improving your business.

Once you’re set up with FundersLink, you can integrate all details of your business easily and efficiently. Add merchant applications, then let our automated matching process find your customers the best, most viable lender from our network of quality lenders. Our powerful CRM system enables you to organize, document and track all stages of active and pending deals and customer accounts, including time-stamped communication, files, reminders and notifications.

FundersLink also helps you organize and automate sales and commissions. Turbo-charge your agents with customer renewal reminders, pre-filled documents and contracts, and electronic signatures that expedite the deal process.

With all your business information organized in one convenient place, a few clicks or taps away, things will run more smoothly than ever. And less time spent on administration and paperwork means more time closing deals.