Put your money to work faster, more easily

To maximize income, you need to get your money working, not parked on sidelines. You can’t do that if you’re slogging through endless piles of non-starter applications. You need to get to on viable deals, with legitimate, trustworthy merchants that limit your risk.

FundersLink’ revolutionary, cloud-based platform was designed by merchant cash advance, software and privacy experts to automate and streamline the deal-making process for lenders. Lenders can join for free, enter their lending criteria, and quickly see automatically screened deals that fit those criteria. In addition to its deal-making advantages, our platform uses leading-edge technology to provide fraud protection, CRM software and communication tools that lower your risk and workload.

It’s the all-inclusive solution that will help you assess and close deals faster and with more peace of mind. Here are some detailed benefits that FundersLink offers lenders:

well-matched-icon Well-matched deals. We streamline the process of assessing deals by only presenting viable applications that fit a lender’s self-determined criteria. And because we only send deals that fit your criteria, you no longer waste time and effort on arduous, repeated scrubbing.
Cost savings. FundersLink runs credit checks on all applications prior to sending them, so lenders no longer need to pay for them when assessing a deal.
Increased efficiency and productivity. Our automated deal-tracking software keeps deals moving forward and cuts down on unnecessary paperwork, repetitive tasks and management with pre-filled documents and contracts, notifications and time-stamped communication.
Fast Turnaround. Our automated platform speeds the deal-making process for ISOs and merchants as well, so documentation, communication, decisions and approvals all flow quickly and smoothly.
Reduced risk and peace of mind. Our independently managed Fraud Detection System compiles merchant information to protect lenders against fraudulent parties that pose as merchants or have a record of defaults. Our database tracks merchants using multiple data points including name, address, tax ID, business name and more, and flags any issues.

Easy to join, easy to integrate—and free

One of the most frustrating aspects of the merchant cash advance business is how fragmented and time-consuming it can be. A simple online application to FundersLink will get you on the road to changing that. You’ll quickly be assigned a hands-on representative who will guide you through the easy start-up process and answer any questions. With around the clock support, we’re always here to walk you through the process of transforming your business.

Once you’re set up with FundersLink, you can specify your lending criteria, add existing deals and merchant accounts, and integrate other aspects of your business easily and efficiently. Then let our automated process find you the most promising deals available based on your criteria. Organize, document and track all stages of active and pending deals through our powerful CRM system.

With all your deals organized in one convenient, centralized location, a few clicks or taps away, your business will be run more smoothly than ever. And with less time spent on sorting, scrubbing, administration and paperwork, you’ll be closing more deals than ever.